Kimia Sadeghi, Luana Founder

Luana's Story

The idea of creating Luana all started with my childhood in Hawaii. When I moved from Hawaii to the mainland, I constantly found myself craving the delicious, Hawaiian beverages I grew up with like POG. Soon enough, it became my mission to create Luana so that I could share the delicious, tropical flavors of Hawaii in the healthiest way possible for everyone to enjoy.

When I was 18 years old, I started my first year at Babson College, the #1 school for entrepreneurship. Being in such an entrepreneurial environment inspired me to bring my idea to life and begin formulating our first product. I wanted to create a blend of orange, guava, and liliko'i, which is commonly known in Hawaii as POG. But instead of traditional POG, which contains lots of added sugar and is only about 10% fruit juice, I wanted this beverage to be 100% juice and contain no added sugar or sweeteners. At first, it seemed impossible not to add sugar or water to the ingredients. But I was dedicated to my mission and my vision of creating a healthy, Hawaiian juice blend. Eventually, after over a year, we found a way to create the product that met the taste, quality, and health standards that I had originally envisioned.

By the summer of 2018, Luana began production of its first product "Hawaiian Sunset" and became available in natural health and food stores across the Big Island, where I was born. Currently, Luana is working on developing more healthy, high-quality, Hawaiian juice blends and is making its way into more stores across the islands.

- Kimia Sadeghi, Founder